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The Top Hotel Booking Website in Asia Pacific Region


TS Suites Bali and Villas - JI. Nakula No.18, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia 83061

TS Suites Bali and Villas – JI. Nakula No.18, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia 83061

The most popular travel destinations in the Asia Pacific region are:

  • Thailand – Bangkok, 1118 hotels
  • Singapore – Singapore City, 302 hotels
  • Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, 568 hotels
  • Indonesia – Bali, 1944 hotels
  • Thailand – Pattaya, 642 hotels
  • Thailand – Phuket, 1067 hotels
  • Hong Kong – Hong Kong City, 280 hotels
  • Japan – Tokyo, 478 hotels
  • Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City, 708 hotels
  • Philippines – Manila, 300 hotels



People are always travelling to and fro. As long as human beings exist, they will always travel. Travelling ends with the destination point and it begins once again back to the place of origin (your home). When one travels, they should have a place in mind where they will stay, hence if you don’t have family, friends or relatives in your destination town or city, then you will be required to book a hotel or similar accommodation such as a lodge.

Your journey begins with planning. You need to find out the best place to stay, the best hotel room at the most affordable price.

Price is the most important factor when it comes to travelling and booking. Thanks to the aggressive competition in the hotel and travel industry, travellers can now afford the best hotel rooms at the cheapest price. Hotel owners are always looking for ways to attracts clients on a consistent basis. They cannot do this by working alone. They have to hire marketing experts who know how to get a large volume of clients.Indeed, the most successful hotels are those who make use of travel and hotel booking agencies. Hotel booking agents like Agoda / Wheeyo are very popular with travellers because they are able to negotiate the lowest rates. These agencies bring in a consistent number of clients that a hotel owner is not able to obtain alone. It’s a choice between getting clients on a consistent basis or having a long dry spell.


If you are economically sharp, you already know where you are likely to get the cheapest rates. Booking a hotel room directly from the hotel will be more expensive than booking via an agent. When you book directly from a hotel, you will not benefit from the low-price agreement that the hotel has in place with a booking agent. For example, a hotel e.g. Acacia Hotel that charges a normal rate of $400 a night might be charging $200 a night (50% discount) for clients who book via a travel agency like Agoda Wheeyo.You can see the benefit of booking via a travel agency.

The top hotel booking website is not necessarily the website in the top search engine results. It takes effort to find the best site among thousands of sites on the internet. However, you can identify some characteristics such as the ability to offer the best rates and a wide range of options designed to give user satisfaction. The best booking agency will cater for all types of travellers and it will have connections with a network of hotels in most regions of the world. It will give you options for searching and choosing a hotel such as:

Best Hotel Rates: Discount Hotels.

Price flexibility allows you to search a hotel based on your desired price. You should be able to filter out the most expensive hotels to meet your budget needs. Cheap hotels can be easily found this way in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is check whether the hotel is fully booked or not. If there is space, you should book your room immediately.


Location of the Hotel: Beach Hotels.

The hotel booking website should allow you to filter out hotels based on distance from the city centre, airport, beach or other location. If you want to avoid a lot of commuting, travelling or save hired car mileage, then you should look for a hotel close to your destination spot.


Hotel Rating: Luxury Hotels.

A 5-star hotel is for high end travellers with a taste for luxury and fine service. These are the most expensive hotels with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. They offer the highest levels of privacy in big luxurious environments. You are given the best service and you feel at home. These hotels offer the best view in the land, allowing you to enjoy the scenery at all times of the day.

Middle income earners will opt for 3-star hotels and low income earners are better off with a 2-star or 1-star hotel.



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