Middle East Attractions and Hotels

The Middle East has remained one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The region is rich in oil gas fields and this has enabled the economies of the countries in the region to thrive with prosperity. As such, you cannot doubt about the presence of high quality hotel infrastructure. The region is also home to many architectural marvels and some notable historical sites. In addition to the presence of high quality hotel infrastructure, the region is also home to a remarkable transport and communication infrastructure. However, in the recent past the region has been heavily rocked with a series violence and bloodshed in various places. This has caused the region’s tourism output to wane. Although this is the case, there are still numerous countries in the Middle East with notable indicators of peace and tranquility. Therefore, this region is still a wonderful place to go and spend your holiday. It is now time to explore the major tourist sites within the Middle East.  

What does the Middle East have to offer to the rest of the world out there? There is plenty that can attract any tourist in the Middle East. The region is home to over 1000 tourist sites, and all these can be accessed easily from the main cities of the respective countries. Dubai offers a good number of marvelous tourist sites; close to 100 tourist sites can be found in Dubai. This is where you can find the Dubai fountains, which has been renowned for shooting its water as high as a 50 story structure; it is very beautiful and mesmerizing to watch. Dubai is also the home of the Dubai Metro, which is a very attractive transportation system and many tourists love to experience. Other tourist sites within the Middles east can be found in Jerusalem; this is the region which is rich religiously.


The Middle East is home to a good number of hotels with a high reputation across the entire globe. The most notable hotels in the Middle East include the Almaha Desert Resort and the Grosvenor House. These two hotels are both located in Dubai and they offer the best accommodation facilities in Dubai.