Laos Attractions and Hotels

Laos  is definitely not a very famous country. If you are reading this passage for the first time, perhaps you are learning about this country today. Although it may not be very famous, the country is a remarkable tourist destination. The country’s rich history a fairly good road and air transport have propeled it to higher heights of the tourism sector.

There is a lot that this country has to offer. There is something to see in just about every city in Laos. This is the place where you can find the Living Land company, the Kuansi Falls, the traditional art and ethnology indudtry as well as the Golden City temple, which is also called the Wat Xieng Thong. There is also nature to tranquilise our nerves if you visit the Elephant village sanctuary Day trips. If you love moderate heights, then you can lookout for the Mount Phousi. For scholars who would want to see a library which is like no other, they can look out for the Luang Prabang Library. Treat yourself to some history about Laos by visiting the Royal Palace Museum or you can see the falling waters of the Tad Sae waterfall.

Laos has many hotels far beyond the expectations of any tourist. These hotels offfer the highest level of luxury and comfort. If you just want a nice and quite place to stay with less regard to luxury, you can find such hotels in Laos. Among the best hotels in Laos there isLuang Barang Hotels, the Vientine Hotels, the Va Vieng hotels and the Pkse hotels. Others include the Phonsanvan Hotels, the Luang Namtha hotels as well as Luang Namtha hotels. Obviously, you are already losing count. However, the truth is tha we have not even gone half way in our mention of the hotels that are found in Laos. Other hotels that are worth mentioning include the Muang Khammouan hotels, Champasak hotels as well as the Muang Xay hotels. After seeing all the intriguing tourist sites that have been named above, you cannot help to retire to bed in a place whose accommodation facilities are exquisite.