Japan Attractions and Hotels

Japan is Asia’s best tourist destination. This is particularly because of the country’s status as the continent’s best economy. Japan has remarkable infrastructure in roads, railway and air. In addition to all this, Japan is historically rich as is depicted by its museums and historical sites. The country’s  wonderful architecture in buildings is enough to amaze any tourist. Japan’s technology remains the world’s best. However, to rule out the country as one of the best tourist destinations on this basis is completely wrong. Go and see for yourself what this country has to offer.

Where can you go and what will you see when you get to Japan? Although many people may associate Japan with technology only, the country has a very good tourism sector. As such, Japan has a lot to offer any tourist out there. There are many shrines and temples in Japan that can attract scores of tourists. For example, there is the Hokaido-Jingu Shrine and the Motsu-ji temple; not forgetting the Chuson-Ji and the Zuigan-Ji temples. There are are also festivals that the Japanese people celebrate at certain times of the year. If you enjoy visiting castles, Japan is the place to go. Some of the most notable castles that are found in Japan include the Matsumae and the Hirosaki castles. In addition to all this, the country is rich in gardens, places where you can feel your spirit flowing freely and peacefully.

All of Japan’s hotels are of high quality. Although the country is in the eastern region, all its infrastructure in hotels and other accommodation facilities are all of western type. Most of the hotels in Japan are divided into first class, second class as well as third class. The fist class hotels are entirely executive hotels that can only be booked by very rich people. The second class hotels are less luxurious but are also very expensive to book, unless you are fairly rich. The third class or lower class consists of hotels whose standards are not as high as those of the first class and the second class.  Among the best hotels in Japan there is the Imperial hotel, the Hotel Grande Palalce as well as the Park Hyatt Tokyo.