Israel Attractions and Hotels

Are still looking for a a place where you can spend a holiday that you will never forget? It is time you set your eyes upon the blessed land of Israel. This country is remarkable tourist destination; this is depicted by its vast collection of notable historical sites and many religious sites. For example, Christians usually visit this place so as to see and experience some sites which they consider religiously important. In addition, Israel’s economy has been one to reckon with throughout the entire Middle East.  Although the country has fought some long battles with the neighboring Palestine , its tourism has still continued to thrive. In addition to all this, the country is home to many outstanding accommodation facilities and the infrastructure in transportation and communication is also remarkable.

What can you find when you go to Israel? The country has what it takes to satisfy the tourism taste of every tourist. If you are interested in religious sites, historical landmarks or fascinating architectural marvels, you can be sure to find all that in Israel. You can start by visiting the Mount Hermon; the Mountain is Israel’s highest point. If you love heights, then you definitely have to visit this mount. Another wonderful tourist site is the Old Jaffa, a region within Israel which is said to have enough charm to carry away every tourist. There is also the Dead sea, which is world’s most lifeless sea; nothing with life can be found in this sea. This sea is believed to have been the exact location of the infamous Sodom and Gomorrah of the Bible. Israel is also the home of the Western Wall, a holy religious site that draws scores of pilgrims from all over the world.

Israel is home to many hotels of high quality, and all these hotels offer a very unique experience of comfort, relaxation and luxury. The most notable hotels that can be found in Israel include; the Americana Hotel, the Aquamarine Hotel and the Kibbutz Shefayim Hotel. All these hotels are luxurious in style.