El Salvador Public Holidays

El Salvador Holidays.

El Salvador is a small country in Central America with a population of over 6.2 million people. Spanish is the official language and more than 90% of the population is mestizo (Indigenous Indian and Spanish mix).El Salvador is a Christian country where about 57% of the population are Roman Catholics, followed by Protestants who make up about 21% of the population. About 17% are non-Christians.

The public holidays on the El Salvador calendar are outlined below:

New Year’s Day: El Salvadorians celebrate the beginning of a new year on 1 January.

Peace Accords Day: Observed on 16 January, this day commemorates the occasion when peace accords were signed.

Woman’s Day: In recognition of women and their social roles, this holiday is observed on 8 March.

March Equinox: The first seasonal equinox is observed on 20 March.

Palm Sunday: This Christian ceremony is held on 24 March.

Maundy Thursday: This holiday is a prelude to Easter, occuring the day before Good Friday. This is a floating date which changes annually.

Good Friday: Day of remembrance of Christ’s death by crucifixion.

Labor Day. Celebration of labor. An occasion to mark the contribution of laborers. This holiday is observed on 1 May.

Cross Day. One of the local observances in El Salvador. It takes place on 2 May.

Soldiers Day: A local observance which is celebrated on 7 May.

Mother’s Day: A day to honor mothers across the country. The holiday is on 10 May.

Father’s Day: This is a day to give honor to fathers across the country. The holiday is observed on 17 June.

June Solstice: The first solstice of the year is marked on 21 June.

Teacher’s Day: The service of teachers to the nation is celebrated on 22 June.

San Salvador Day: This is a public holiday where everyone celebrates San Salvador. It is a 3-day holiday that starts on 4 August.

San Salvador Day: Second day of San Salvador is on 5 August

San Salvador Day: The third and final day of San Salvador is on 6 August.

Independence Day: Commemoration of the declaration of El Salvador independence from the Spanish colonialists is on 15 September.

September Equinox: The second equinox of the year is observed on 22 September.

Children’s Day: The day of the child is marked on 1 October.

Columbus Day: A holiday to celebrate diversity and the coming of Christopher Columbus to the South American continent. The day is marked on 12 October.

All Saints Day: The Roman Catholic observance of Saints who have attained beatification.

December Solstice: The second solstice of the year is observed on 21 December.

Christmas Eve: This is the day before Christmas, taking place on 24 December.

Christmas Day: The holy day to mark the birth of Christ. El Salvadorians celebrate Christmas on 25 December.

This is the end of the El Salvador calendar.