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Join one of the leading hotel booking services in Asia with a rapidly growing international reputation. The mission of this travel company is to provide the lowest hotel rates for travellers around the world. Agoda in partnership with Priceline presents you the opportunity to save money. Here you will find the best rates and rooms, catering for all types of travellers from the budget conscious traveller to the high-class traveller.

As one of the affiliates, we present you the best of the Agoda network, a trusted network with over 40,000 high quality hotels in the Asia Pacific region and 200,000 hotels worldwide. Join thousands of travellers who use this portal every year to find the best hotel prices.

The travel network has dedicated staff who are knowledgeable in the travel and hotel booking service, using the Priceline technology to offer the cheapest hotel deals with unmatched quality.

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When you sign up for the Travel Rewards program, you will be able to save even more money. You earn points with every hotel booking you make, allowing you to redeem these points for the best hotel deals and offers.

Just think about it, with every dollar you spend on hotel booking, you will get a percentage of that dollar back. It’s like an investment. Booking and travelling with other agencies is a loss because they don’t reward you for your dedicated service. With Agoda, you are rewarded for your dedication. The more you travel, the more you earn free points, meaning that your next hotel booking might be free.

When you earn enough points, simply log into your traveller account and book a hotel of your choice, all for FREE! ($0.00) Zero Dollars.


Special Offers and Facilities

The Agoda travel website has a page dedicated to special offers for each travel destination. Anytime you feel like saving money, go to the Special Offers section and browse through hundreds of daily hotel deals.

To get started, simply enter your destination country and city/town, then click the magic button to reveal a ton of amazing too-good-to-be-true hotel deals and discounts. You will find hotel discounts ranging from as low as 10% to a sky-high 75%.Actually, most hotel discounts are in the middle of the road, revolving around 50%.

Agoda travel network negotiates directly and personally with hotel owners and travel agencies around the world to bring these amazing discounts to you. Hotel owners agree to lower their rates and in return they get a consistent inflow of clients. The savings are passed on to the traveller and it’s a win-win situation for both. The travel and hotel industry is one of the most competitive, and one of the ways to attract customers is to offer attractive rates.

Lower rates does not mean poor facilities. To ensure uncompromised quality, Agoda only works with certified hotels that offer facilities of acceptable standards. You are able to choose facilities ranging from 1 star to 5 stars, select room types, add beds and make custom configurations.


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24/7 Service

The Agoda customer service staff is available 24/7 a week to handle any queries with regards to hotel reservations. You will feel at home because we have a diverse staff that is conversant and fluent in over 38 languages.

Their dedicated staff will be happy to answer your questions. They believe that there is no small or complicated question. There is nothing like a stupid question because every one of their customers is a valuable customer.

Feel free to contact Agoda via email address, contact form, telephone or fax. They have been in the hotel booking business for over 10 years, and they know the importance of a prompt and convenient service. They are quick to answer queries, offer solutions and connect with travellers, and above all you can trust them. Agoda’s collection of travel awards like the “2012 Favorite Online Travel Site” is a testimony to their accountability. Agoda has also been recognized for travel innovation because they believe that combining good customer service with innovative technology makes life easier for the traveller.


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    I live here and I have found when I travel some rrotess will give better rates online than walk-in. It really depends on the hotel. When me and my educated wife travel we check online and call the hotel to get the best rates. Since my wife is a government employee she also gets very good discounts on rooms even better than the specials offered online.References : Time check from the crybaby.

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